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Seeing Santorini With a New Friend

January 22nd, 2015 | by nikgeo577
Seeing Santorini With a New Friend

People will vary in terms of the parts of Santorini that they’d like to experience. Some people want to see the beautiful beaches firsthand and relax in some seemingly secluded part of the island in the process. Other people want to visit restaurants and shops that they read about or heard about when they were doing their research. Some people are interested in an educational trip that will allow them to see some ruins and some historical sites. Shutterbugs will want to try the Santorini photo tours, which have been organized according to the most artistic locations.


The people that choose planned tours are going to be somewhat limited in terms of what they’ll be able to see while they’re visiting the Santorini island, since the tour has already been planned. People that arrange for Santorini private tours will be able to get the exact Santorini vacation that they’ve always wanted. Often times, tourists can meet with their private tour guides personally, and their tour guides will make recommendations and give them all sorts of helpful advice. Santorini private tours almost capture the feeling of going on a trip to another country with a friend that lives there and has already seen everything.

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Local friends know the best restaurants. They have sampled the local cuisine. Not only can they tell their foreign friends where to find the best food, but they can also help them choose restaurants according to the atmosphere of the place and how crowded the restaurant may be on a given day. An experienced tour guide can do the same thing, and they have probably done the same thing on multiple occasions.

Local friends have seen all of the sites, and they have probably visited them on multiple occasions. They know which places to avoid on which days because those areas become overly crowded. Some of them may even know the staff members that work there. It’s the same thing with experienced tour guides. They will often plan their tours in order to coincide with the rhythms of the Santorini villages themselves. These rhythms are difficult to research, and it often takes someone with the experience of a local to truly understand them.

When it comes to Santorini photo tours, private tour guides can be particularly helpful. People want photos that will properly commemorate their trips, but they don’t want to simply reproduce the sort of photographs that they can easily find online, making theirs somewhat redundant. Many people want photographs of the special corners of Santorini, and these are the sorts of places that only someone familiar with the area is going to be able to identify.

As a result of working with an experienced tour guide, tourists can earn an entire digital album of some of the most special and obscure corners of Santorini. They can post their pictures online if they’re interested in that, and they’ll do it with the knowledge that they’ve seen the parts of Santorini that few other people will have seen with their own eyes.

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